Dinosaur Theme Welcome Board (2x2ft)

Customized Dinosaur theme Welcome Board with your Baby’s Name & AGE

Size: 24 Inches X 24 Inches

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Customized Dinosaur Theme Welcome Board with your Baby’s Name and Age

  1. A Dinosaur Theme Welcome Board is a unique and creative way to welcome your guests at your birthday party.
  2. Themed Welcome board can be customized with dinosaurs pics, creating an immersive and playful atmosphere according to the theme party.
  3. We will customize the board, especially for the Baby with name & turning Age.
  4. A personalized touch adds a special and memorable touch to the celebration.
  5. You can use this Welcome board as a decorative piece for capturing memories of the special day.


24 Inches X 24 Inches


We will customize it according to your preferences, as written below:
👉🏻 We need your Baby’s Name and age.
👉🏻 You can share the details through Whatsapp or Email.



  • Book your Customized Dinosaur Theme Welcome Board, at least three days prior.
  • We share the Welcome Board’s proof, before Printing.
  • An Easel (Blessing Board Stand) is not included in this price.
  • Delivery charges may apply, according to your location.
  • Please feel free to call us at +918196969660, or Chat for your queries or concerns.



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