Dinosaur Theme Cutout – 1 pc

Dinosaur theme Cutout (1 pc) for Birthday or Kids Parties.

(3 feet Height) 36 Inches

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Dinosaur Theme Cutout for Birthday:

The Dinosaur Theme Cutout for Birthday is a theme reflector. This Cutout in the decorations shows the theme of your event as well as the age of the birthday baby. It turns your normal event into a Theme Party, every normal pic into a theme Pic, special to share and remember at the first birthday party of the kids.



  • High-quality theme cutout.
  • Proper edge-to-edge cutting.
  • We make these Cutouts on a 3mm thick Whiteboard.
  • Very Durable and Long-lasting.
  • We print these Cutouts with high-quality ink for vivid colors.



This Dinosaur theme Cutout is exactly for the first Birthday Party, which helps you to organize the theme parties very easily and in a very cost-effective way. You just have to place these cutouts in your party decorations and enjoy the theme party for your kid. Be special to share your pics socially.


3 feet Height (36 inches)


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  • Please feel free to call us at +918196969660, or Chat for your queries or concerns.



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