Dinosaur theme Decorations for Birthday Party

Dinosaur Theme Customized Cake Table Backdrop with your Baby’s   Name & Age

SIZE: 7 x 7 feet
MATERIAL: Flex Media

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Product Details:

Dinosaur theme Decorations for Birthday Party


👉🏻 7×7 feet Dinosaur Theme Backdrop
👉🏻 Balloons of Green Shades
👉🏻 Confetti Balloons
👉🏻 Crome Balloons
👉🏻 Few Flower Hangings
👉🏻 Dinosaur Cutouts – 2pcs
👉🏻 Cylindrical Cake Tables – 2pcs

A customized theme backdrop for a baby’s birthday party allows you to create a personalized and unique decoration that highlights the special occasion.

  1. These backdrops often feature the baby’s name, and the age, of the Birthday Boy/Girl.
  2. We design these Customized Backdrops to match the color theme of the party, making them an integral part of the overall decor.
  3. We make these backdrops from high-quality media. which can be used as a Cake table backdrop or displayed as a standalone piece of decor.
  4. Many parents and guests appreciate the charm and sentimental value of customized theme backdrops, making them a popular choice for baby birthday parties.

SIZE: 7 x 7 feet



We will customize it according to your preferences, as written below:

👉🏻 We would need your Baby’s name and age.

👉🏻 Details can be shared through WhatsApp or Email.


  • Book your Dinosaur theme Decorations for Birthday Party, at least seven days prior as we have to customize them, and print them after your final approval.
  • We will share the Backdrop’s proof, before Printing.
  • The Backdrop Stand and cutout Rental, Balloon, and Labour Charges are all-inclusive at this price.
  • Delivery charges may apply, according to your location.
  • Please feel free to call us at +918196969660, or Chat for your queries or concerns.


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Additional information

Dimensions 91 × 61 cm

3 feet x 2 feet


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