Art & Craft activity for Kids

Art & Craft Activity for Kids & Birthday Events

  • Stone Painting
  • Paper Crafting
  • Pot Painting
  • Animal Statue Painting
  • Coloring Activity (complimentary)

👉Choose any one and get a Coloring Activity complimentary in your Event

Duration: 120 Minutes

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Unlock Creativity with Our Art & Craft Extravaganza!

Elevate your kids’ birthday parties with our engaging Art & Craft activities. Choose one from a variety of captivating options, including Stone Painting, Paper Crafting, Pot Painting, or Animal Statue Painting. Plus, enjoy a complimentary Coloring Activity for up to 20 kids with every booking!

Stone Painting: Unleash Imagination on Rocks

Let little artists turn ordinary stones into vibrant masterpieces. Stone Painting encourages creativity, allowing kids to express themselves through color and design.

Paper Crafting: Transforming Sheets into Art

Watch as the paper comes to life with our Paper Crafting activity. From origami wonders to personalized cards, this activity sparks ingenuity and hands-on fun.

Pot Painting: Planting Seeds of Artistry

Nurture artistic talents with Pot Painting. Kids bring terracotta pots to life with their imaginative brushstrokes, creating both a masterpiece and a functional piece of art.

Animal Statue Painting: Bring Figures to Life

Ignite the imagination with Animal Statue Painting. From lions to elephants, this activity allows kids to add their flair to miniature wildlife sculptures.

Why Choose Our Art & Craft Activities?

  • Versatile Options: Select from a range of activities to suit your party theme.
  • All Materials Included: We provide everything needed, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.
  • Professional Guidance: Our team offers assistance, making the creative process seamless for all skill levels.

Book Your Artful Adventure Today!

Transform celebrations into artistic experiences. Choose an activity, and we’ll provide the creative spark for your child’s special day. Contact us to reserve your Art & Craft extravaganza and let the artistic fun begin!



  • 120 Minutes



  • The team will be sent to your location, 30 minutes before your event timings for Art & Craft for Birthday & Kids Parties setup.
  • Kindly arrange proper seating for kids or you can book Kids Chair Tables from our site too.
  • Please arrange around 10 “Prizes” according to your budget for the “Puppet quiz & dance competition winners”.
  • Please feel free to call us at +918196969660, or Chat for your queries or concerns.



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