2 Game Stalls on Rental

Game Stalls on Rental

DURATION: 3 hours

  • “Hungry Monkey Game Stall”
  • “Dart Game Stall”
    (including one attendee in each Stall)


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Product Details: 2 Game Stalls on Rental

  • “Hungry Monkey Game Stall”
  • “Dart Game Stall”
  • One Attendee on each Stall



  • 3 hours


Dive into Fun with Our Game Stalls!

Make your celebrations unforgettable with our interactive game stalls, catering to both kids and adults. The Hungry Monkey and Dart Game Stall promise a delightful blend of excitement and skill for any event.

Hungry Monkey: Feed the Fun!

Step right up to the Hungry Monkey game stall—a whimsical challenge for all ages. Aim and toss bananas into the hungry monkey’s mouth. It’s a hilarious and engaging activity that adds a playful touch to birthdays and events.

Dart Game Stall: Bulls-Eye Thrills!

Test your precision with our Dart Game Stall. Aim for the bullseye and let the competitive spirit soar. A perfect choice for adults and older kids, it adds a dash of skill and excitement to your event.

Why Choose Our Game Stalls?

  • Inclusive Entertainment: Suitable for a diverse age range, ensuring everyone has a blast.
  • Sturdy and Safe: Our game stalls are built for safety and durability, providing a secure environment for players.
  • Effortless Setup: Our team ensures a smooth experience from setup to operation, letting you focus on the festivities.

Book Your Game Stalls Now!

Elevate your event with interactive joy. Reserve the Hungry Monkey and Dart Game Stall for a celebration filled with laughter and friendly competition. Contact us to secure your dose of thrilling fun!


Please Note:

  • 2 Game Stalls on Rent setup will reach your location, 30 minutes before your event timings.
  • Delivery charges may apply, according to your location.
  • Please feel free to call us at +918196969660, or Chat for your queries or concerns.



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