Puppet Show for Birthday & Kids Parties

100% Interactive Puppet Show for Birthday Events

Chinku (announcer)
Motu Patlu (Muppets)
Shijuka & Nobita (Muppet)
Mickey Minnie (Puppets)
Peppa Pigs (Muppets)
Chhota Bheem (Muppet)
Santa Claus (Muppet for Christmas)
Puppet & Kids Dance competition

👉ALL mentioned Puppets will be available in a single show

Duration: 30-40 Minutes

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Puppet Show for Birthday & Kids Parties:

  • 100% Interactive & Entertaining
  • Proper involvement of Kids
  • Puppet & Kids Dance Competition
  • A quiz about all PUPPETS
  • Small Music System

Unleash the Magic of Puppets at Your Celebration!

Experience the enchantment of our Puppet Show—a captivating and crowd-pleasing activity for kids and adults alike. Our 30-35 minute show features a delightful lineup of characters, each performing to their theme songs, ensuring a memorable and interactive experience for everyone.

Meet the Stars of the Show:

  • Chinku (Announcer): The charming host who sets the stage for a lively and engaging puppet performance.
  • Motu Patlu (Muppets): Join the hilarious antics of Motu and Patlu, bringing laughter and joy to the audience.
  • Shijuka & Nobita (Muppet): Dive into the world of imagination with these beloved characters, captivating hearts with their delightful tales.
  • Mickey Minnie (Puppets): The iconic duo takes center stage, adding a touch of Disney magic to the puppet extravaganza.
  • Peppa Pigs (Muppets): Join Peppa and friends for whimsical adventures, creating a world of fun and excitement.
  • Chhota Bheem (Muppet): Embark on thrilling escapades with the adventurous Chhota Bheem, a favorite among the young audience.
  • Santa Claus (Muppet during Christmas): Spread holiday cheer as Santa Claus makes a special appearance, adding festive magic to Christmas celebrations.

Interactive Fun with Quick Quizzes:

After each puppet’s performance, engage the audience with a quick quiz—1-2 questions related to the puppet’s storyline. This 100% interactive element keeps the excitement alive and ensures lasting memories.

Puppet & Kids Dance Competition:

Cap off the show with a lively Puppet & Kids Dance Competition, where little ones can showcase their moves alongside their puppet friends.

Book Your Puppet Extravaganza Today!

Bring the world of puppets to your celebration. Contact us to reserve our Puppet Show and create an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, stories, and interactive fun!

👉ALL above-mentioned Puppets will be available in a single show



  • 30-40 Minutes



  • The team will be sent to your location, 30 minutes before your event timings for Puppet Show for Birthday & Kids Parties setup.
  • A proper setup will be placed for the Puppet show (6×6 ft)
  • Please arrange around 10 “Prizes” according to your budget for the “Puppet quiz & dance competition winners”.
  • Please feel free to call us at +918196969660, or Chat for your queries or concerns.



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