Jungle Theme Lion Foil Balloons Kit for Birthday Party

Jungle Theme Lion Foil Balloons Kit For Birthday Party – Set of 5

  • 5Pcs Foil Balloons 
  • High-quality self-sealing balloon, when inflated with helium will float for several days
  • Premium Quality
  • XL size of Lion Face Foil and Large size of Star and Round Jungle theme Foil
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Jungle Theme Lion Face Foil Balloons Kit – Set of 5

  1. Jungle-themed Design: The foil balloon kit features a fun jungle theme, with images of colorful jungle animals and plants. This Kit is perfect for a jungle-themed birthday party.
  2. High-Quality Foil Material: These balloons are made of high-quality foil material to make them durable and long-lasting. This ensures that the balloons will stay inflated for a long duration of 3-4 days.
  3. Easy to Use: The kit is easy to use, simply fill the balloons with air or helium and they are ready to be hung or displayed.
  4. Complete Set: The kit includes 2 star-shaped foil balloons and 2 round “Happy Birthday” foil balloons, providing everything needed for a fun and festive birthday party.
  5. Versatile Decoration: You can use these balloons as a centerpiece, hung from the ceiling or walls, or as photo props for a memorable birthday celebration.



  • You can use this item as Foil Gas Balloon Bouquet in Party Decorations for Birthday Parties for Kids.


1pc – 30 inches
4 pcs – 18 Inches each



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