Customized ChalkBoard for Birthday Party

Customized Chalkboard Board with your Baby’s Pic,  Name & Features

Size: 24 Inches X 36 Inches

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Product Details:

Customized ChalkBoard / Baby Feature Board with your Baby’s Picture, Name, and Features

  1. A customized chalkboard for a baby’s birthday party allows you to create a personalized and unique decoration that highlights the special occasion.
  2. These chalkboards often feature the baby’s name, age, and date of birth, as well as special quotes, messages, or images that relate to the baby.
  3. We design these Customized chalkboards to match the theme or colors of the party, making them an integral part of the overall decor.
  4. We make these chalkboards from high-quality materials, such as sturdy cardboard, and can be used as a backdrop for photos or displayed as a standalone piece of decor.
  5. Many parents and guests appreciate the charm and sentimental value of customized chalkboards, making them a popular choice for baby birthday parties.


36 Inches X 24 Inches


We will customize it according to your preferences, as written below:
👉🏻 We would need your Baby’s Pic & Details like height, weight, teeth, nicknames, likings, etc. mentioned in the pictures.
👉🏻 Details can be shared through Whatsapp or Email.



  • Book your Customized CHALKBOARD for Birthday Party, at least three days prior.
  • We share the CHALKBOARD’s proof, before Printing.
  • An Easel (Blessing Board Stand) is not included in this price.
  • Delivery charges may apply, according to your location.
  • Please feel free to call us at +918196969660, or Chat for your queries or concerns.



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Additional information

Dimensions 91 × 61 cm

3 feet x 2 feet


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