Kids Table-Chairs & Bouncy on Rent


Kids Furniture + Bouncy on Rent for 3 hours.


Kids Table-Chairs & Bouncy on Rent:

  • 30 Kids Chairs
  • 7 Kids Tables
  • 1 Kid’s Slide Bouncy



  • 3 hours



  • Best for Kids sitting arrangements during fun activities like Magic Show, Puppet show, Tattoo Artist, Art & Craft, etc.
  • Best for Kids sitting during their food arrangements at parties.
  • Highly Comfortable & with Arm-Rests. (Side Support)
  • If you are planning for Musical Chairs for Kids, this is the best option to choose.
  • You & your kids, both can enjoy, & party hard.



  • We will send Kid’s Table-Chairs and Bouncy to your location 30 minutes before your event timings for Setup.
  • We would need electricity connection for the Bouncy Motor for 3 hours regularly.
  • Kids Chairs on Rent is for below 12 years/ 30 KGs whichever higher.
  • It will be an Extra Charge for Extra Timings if the next event slot is not already booked.
  • Delivery + Pick-up charge levied according to the distance.
  • Please feel free to call us on +918196969660, or Chat for your queries or concerns.



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